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Michele Payn-Knoper of CauseMatters Corp. has asked me to start blogging on her site, from a mom’s perspective, and I’ve agreed. This does not mean that I’m going to stop blogging here, just that I’ll be blogging more :) Great, right?!?!

It also means that I am going to start taking more precautions with protecting my family’s identity – I don’t want any of the crazies coming after us :) I will no longer refer to my son or my husband using their real names, instead referring to them as “Blue” and “HandyMan” and I have gone back through all of my previous posts and changed their names in those as well.

I write this so that those of you who have been following my blog don’t think I’ve traded in my “old” family for a “new” one and to ask that if you know me in real life that you, pretty please, refrain from posting real names in comments. I will warn you now that too much info could get your comment deleted or at the very least edited!

I’m looking forward to blogging at and invite you to come over and check out my posts there. The first one is already up!!

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