Mental Health Break

Do you ever feel like you just need to take a break from…everything…for a while? Our summer has been so crazy busy, that I felt exactly that way. So last week, after my brother’s wedding was over, I went into mental breakdown. Not that kind that would send me to the loony bin, but the kind that told me I needed a break. I needed to sit, relax and spend some time enjoying my baby. So that is what I did.

I lost myself in a couple of good books. Ok, they were the last 2 books in the Twilight series, so some people may not consider them “good”, but I have enjoyed submerging myself in the characters and their stories for the past couple of weeks.

We have also stayed home a lot more during the day. It’s been nice to not feel the pressure of rushing to be anywhere. To just have a day to spend at home in our pajamas. Blue seems to have enjoyed it and is on a much better schedule than he was two weeks ago. If it’s possible, he even seems happier.

Blue and I have played on the floor, climbed up the stairs and danced to the oldies during the day. I love watching Blue clap his hands and get excited when we watch his favorite Elmo video on YouTube. I love watching him smile and laugh when I pick him up and swing him around to the beat of a Classic Rock favorite. And most of all, I am finding the time to really ENJOY Blue and the stage he’s at right now.

As summer winds down and we get closer to harvest, I’m going to remember these couple of weeks and remind myself to slow down a little.

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