Mud Play

This spring, we’ve had more than our fair share of rain. As of the last total I saw on the news, we’d had around 8 inches. As the pond in our front yard can attest, this is by far more than we usually get.

While we are ready for the rain to stop and very much looking forward to sunshine and warmer temperatures, Blue has enjoyed the mud that the rain has left behind. A few weeks ago, he was playing outside and fell in the middle of a mud puddle. It was pretty chilly that day and Blue was not excited to be wet and covered in mud.

muddy toddler

Today is the first 70+ degree day we’ve had in a while, so HandyMan took Blue outside to play and Blue immediately went back to the same mud puddle to play. HandyMan has been encouraging Blue to throw rocks from our driveway into the puddle, with the hope that eventually, the hole will be filled up. Blue can do this for hours, but today he found another way to enjoy the mud puddle.

Oh, the simple joys of childhood!

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