Home is Where the Couch Is

I am home!

I was so excited to be released from the hospital on Monday, but coming home has been a little bittersweet. HandyMan has gone back to work and since I’m not supposed to lift Blue, that means I can’t really take care of him by myself. So Blue is also not here.

Being a stay at home mom, it’s hard to be at home just sitting around while Blue is hanging out somewhere else. I know he’s having fun playing with my sister’s kids or at our friend’s house playing with her kids, but I still miss him.

Last night when HandyMan got home from work with Blue, he was so excited to see me. Which, obviously, felt really good, but also made me sad. After supper, he spent most of the evening sitting next to me on the couch, playing with a few toys and watching Elmo videos on YouTube. It was so nice to get a little cuddle time with him!

When you’re busy, sitting around the house doing nothing sounds pretty appealing. I’ve definitely been one to make comments wishing I had more time at home. I can’t imagine that I’ll be making those comments again for a while! Now that I’m sitting around the house, especially since it’s due to pregnancy complications, I find myself focusing on my body and wondering if every twinge or cramp is something I need to worry about. I know this is something I shouldn’t be doing. I need to focus on the positive things, otherwise I just sit here on the verge of tears all the time. Which is not exactly the best thing for my mental health!

So here are some of the positives I’m going to try to focus on:

  • I’m still pregnant! Every day that our baby girl stays inside of me is one day closer to a healthy, full term baby!
  • There’s nothing wrong with our baby. According to every ultrasound we’ve had (and so far there have been several), she is perfectly healthy!
  • I have an awesome husband. He is going above and beyond to take care of me and Blue.
  • Blue is doing well adjusting to his new schedule. He’s been shuffled around a lot over the last week and has been such a trooper!
  • Our friends and family are amazing. We’ve had so many offers of help, prayer and encouragement and all of them have been so comforting.
  • The doctor gave me the OK to go to church on Sunday! (Provided I get dropped off at the door, walk in and and sit right down for the duration of the service.) I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it!
  • Our baby has been moving & kicking frequently, letting me know she’s OK.
  • I have more time to blog :)
  • The time away from Blue is giving me the opportunity to really appreciate the awesome little boy he is.
  • We have a laptop, high-speed internet & Netflix on demand to help keep me occupied :)
  • I’m at home and not in the hospital!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue to focus on those things as I continue with, what could be, several months of bed rest. Because, what I want more than anything, is to give my baby the opportunity to be born healthy and I will do whatever I need to do to made that happen.


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