Another Remodeling Project

When HandyMan and I were pregnant with Blue we started remodeling a room to be used as his bedroom. Due to several different circumstances, the room was unable to be completed before Blue was born. This caused a lot of stress and arguments for both HandyMan and I, so it seemed crazy to start another remodeling project now that we are expecting baby #2!

room demolition

Note: ugly paneling & cracked drywall - demolishing this room was not hard to do!

But we did. Although this time we are not planning on using that room for the baby right away. We are planning on the baby rooming in with us for a while before, eventually, sharing a room with Blue, regardless of whether the baby is a boy or girl.

So if we’re not planning on making this room for the new baby, why did we even start on it?

There are several reasons. The biggest being that the people who lived here before us used very questionable construction practices when “upgrading” the house. The room we’re remodeling was part of an addition added in the mid-80s and above the room, on the outside of the house, the roof is visibly sagging. Definitely not a good sign!

So we cleaned out the room and tore into it a couple of weeks ago. As we took down the ceiling, we discovered exactly what we had expected, undersized rafters – as well as some other surprises.

The undersized rafters aren’t going to be huge deal to replace since we are going to be re-roofing the house anyway, it was the other surprises that shocked us.

room demolition exposed raftersThis was what we found to be so surprising. Original siding – over 100 years old, hiding just behind the drywall. And the wiring was on top of the siding, just under the drywall. It’s AMAZING they didn’t put drywall screws through it while hanging the drywall.

siding behind drywallIf you look closely at the top of this picture, you can see a bird’s nest that was left in the wall. And you get a better look at the wonderful wiring job that was done.

bird's nest in wallAs we finished demolishing the room, we discovered that the previous owners left the original exterior siding on the whole (what is now an) interior wall. Crazy! At least they actually insulated this room, even though they didn’t bother to heat it.

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