Out With the Old

When HandyMan and I bought our 100 year old farmhouse about the only thing “high end” about it was the dishwasher. The previous owners had purchased a wonderful Bosch dishwasher under the misguided advice that it was the only model that would fit in the space available (suckers!). If you’ve recently purchased a dishwasher you know that even the cheapest Bosch dishwasher is still pretty dang expensive.

Last summer our “high end” dishwasher began to make weird noises. I complained about it to HandyMan who looked into the issue and couldn’t find anything wrong. The dishwasher continued to work for a few more weeks until it finally croaked right in the middle of canning season. Talk about bad timing!

HandyMan continued to look into what could be causing the dishwasher to malfunction, finally deciding that the problem was in the motherboard. AKA the “brains” of the dishwasher.

We officially declared it dead and began to look for a new one. Our budget was limited, so HandyMan began to watch our local Lowes for a “scratch & dent” dishwasher or just an amazing sale. Unfortunately, he had little luck.

Last week, we had the opportunity to go shopping together – without Blue, so the hunt for a new dishwasher intensified. We stopped at several stores and finally found one, a Frigidaire, in our price range at our local Menards, it wasn’t as “high end” as the Bosch dishwasher, but as long as it worked I didn’t care! The dishwasher was on sale starting that day and included a $100 mail-in-rebate. We quickly purchased the dishwasher and the next evening, with a little bit of “help” from Blue, HandyMan installed it.

Our new, beautiful dishwasher!!

new frigidaire dishwasher

HandyMan didn’t really appreciate Blue’s “help”!

toddler helps daddy install dishwasher

Our beautiful, newly installed dishwasher! My chapped hands are so appreciative!

newly installed dishwasher

Our old dishwasher awaiting it’s trip to the trash!

broken Bosch dishwasher*My favorite part of this pic is Blue in the background :)

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2 Responses to Out With the Old

  1. Dakotapam says:

    Our dishwasher died on the weekend of the Twins’ baptism! Of course, the next week a friend remodeled her kitchen and she “handed down” her “old” dishwasher. Oh, I was so thankful!

    Thanks for stopping by my place! I’ve added you to my reader!

    • Michelle says:

      I would have loved a hand-me-down dishwasher! What an awesome gift :)

      Thanks for adding me to your reader, I look forward checking out more of your posts as well!

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