Blue Takes a Trip

Last week HandyMan and I took Blue on his first ever vacation. The trip was full of many firsts for Blue and it was a lot of fun for HandyMan and I to watch him experience them.

We flew to Houston, TX to visit HandyMan’s aunt and grandma and met up with HandyMan’s brother and parents in Houston for the visit. We were very excited about going south for a few days and had been praying for warmth and sunshine during our stay. Winter in Indiana has been long, cold and full of snow so we were more than ready for some warmer weather. And we were not disappointed. The weather in Houston was sunny and around 70º the entire time we were there.

We met up with HandyMan’s dad and step-mom at Houston International and were very shortly on our way to a park. HandyMan and I had taken Blue to the park last summer, but he couldn’t walk yet and we are certain he doesn’t remember it, so for all intents and purposes this was Blue’s first trip to a park. He LOVED it.

toddler plays at parktoddler enjoys the slidetoddler throws mulch

Blue ran and played, trying out the swing, the slide and playing in the mulch. It was so much fun to watch him explore and enjoy the outdoors!

We also took Blue to a park the next day. He continued to enjoy running and playing outside. And, as predicted, we experienced full-blown tantrums when it was time to go indoors.

toddler plays outsidetoddler enjoys the outdoorsToddler digs in the dirt

The third day we were in Houston, we made the trek to Galveston Island to introduce Blue to the beach, sand and the ocean. It was cloudy and not as warm that day, but it didn’t stop Blue from playing on at the beach. We took of Blue’s shoes, rolled up his pants and let him dig in. Literally. Almost as soon as we stood Blue down in the sand, he squatted down and began to dig. By the time we left, Blue was wet and covered in sand from head to toe. Unfortunately, HandyMan and I were unprepared parents that day and forgot to pack a change of clothes. Rather than leave Blue in wet, sandy clothes we opted to buy some new clothes for him. I’m convinced he appreciated it :)

Digging in the sand

toddler at the beachsand covered feet

The next day it was time to head home. We were sad to leave the warmth and sun of Houston, but it’s always nice to be home after a few days away.

Hopefully we have an early spring here in Indiana!

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