And So It Begins…

What has begun you may ask, not much really. Nothing except…

Blue has learned the word, “No!”

He says it for everything. When he means YES, when he means NO, when he means MAYBE, or when he just needs to shout something – NO is what he says. Sometimes it sounds like he even says, “No Way!” Surely, he’s not saying that yet, right?!?!

I know that, soon, he will learn to say NO in the appropriate context. The number of times a day that Blue says NO will probably not diminish when he learn exactly what it means. In fact, it will probably increase, as that seems to be the way of toddlers who are learning to express their independence.

I’m so excited for Blue to learn to talk and to hear his voice as he tries out new words. Right now, I even enjoy hearing him say NO…over and over again. I’m sure the day will come when I will tire of hearing that word, but for now it is just exciting that he has learned to say the word at all.

Hopefully he’ll learn some other words quickly. Like…MOMMY. That, I would LOVE to hear!

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