Walking at 13 Months

Blue is walking.

Which means, of course, that life has changed…again. Things that were considered baby proofed before are no longer safe. And things I thought would be safe for a while longer aren’t. Yesterday he figured out how to open our living room door! We live in a 100+ year old farm house, so every room has a door. It was really nice until yesterday. But now they just seem kind of pointless.

I know that’s the nature of the game. Blue is growing and developing normally which means walking and then running and climbing and with each new skill there is a new challenge for HandyMan and I as Blue’s parents. What is safe for him to explore and play with? What does he just need to learn to stay away from (the stove & TV) and what do we need to put up? These questions mostly seem to answer themselves as Blue finds them. We can’t move the TV or the stove, so we don’t. But the ceramic coasters I had sitting on end tables, yeah those got moved!

It’s pretty much been a lesson in trial and error, as a lot of parenting is. A couple of days ago I made a video of Blue learning to walk and thought I would share it. I hope you enjoy it!

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