Happy Birthday Blue!

first birthday cake

Blue's birthday cake!

Last week we celebrated Blue’s birthday. As my nephew, Luke, said, “He’s not zero anymore!” Luke refused to count Blue’s age in months and insisted that his age was “zero” until his first birthday. Oh the wonderful thought process of a 5 year old!

Blue’s actual birthday fell on a weekday, so we celebrated his birthday the following weekend, which actually happened to be Grandpa Dick’s 60th birthday.

I was a little nervous about the party. We only invited immediate family, but that was still over 20 people. In our house. All at one time. My mom came over and helped me make lunch for everyone and after we ate we opened presents and had cake. Everything went really smoothly, which was pleasantly surprising since Blue completely missed his nap!

As predicted, Blue had very little interest in opening presents and he LOVED his cake! As soon as HandyMan put the cake within reach, Blue grabbed it – promptly licking the icing off his fingers. When HandyMan set the cake on the high chair tray Blue literally dove in mouth first. It was awesome!

We have a really great video of Blue eating his cake, but I haven’t finished editing it yet (sorry!). In the meantime, here are some pictures. I’ll try to get the video added ASAP!

first birthday present

Blue opens his first birthday present!

tantrum opening birthday presents

Blue decides he's over opening presents.

eating cake face first

Blue dove in to his cake!

sharing birthday cake

Blue offers a bite of cake.

baby covered in birthday cake

On his way to take a birthday bath.

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