One Year Ago Today

Last year, on September 1st, I woke up and it seemed like any other day. I didn’t have to work so I laid in bed for a few minutes before my bladder reminded me that I needed to go to the bathroom…badly.

I was 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant and there was very little room in my bladder at that point. I waddled down the stairs and was about halfway to the bathroom when I felt something warm running down my leg. At first I thought that the baby was putting too much pressure on my too full bladder and I had peed myself. The next thought, coming very quickly on the heels of the previous one, was that my water had broken. I stopped walking, lifted the leg of my pajama bottoms and saw BLOOD running down my leg.

I would have preferred the pee.

I rushed to the bathroom to assess the damage and saw that the blood had soaked through my underwear and pajama bottoms. I cleaned myself as best I could and then rushed to find my cell phone and call the doctor. I have no idea how I managed to coherently explain the situation to the nurse, but somehow I did. The nurse told me to come in as quickly as I could and I said I would be there as soon as my husband could get home from work to take me. (There was NO WAY I was going with out him!)

I lost the weak hold I had on my control when I called HandyMan. As soon as he answered I broke down and through thick tears I said, “You have to come home now!” HandyMan immediately yelled to his coworkers that something was wrong with me and started running. He later told me that he peeled out of the driveway and was on the road before we hung up. I explained what was going on as he drove away.

I’m pretty sure he set some kind of land speed record getting home that day, and that includes a stop for gas!

When HandyMan got home, I was ready to go and we began the drive to the doctor’s office. What was usually a 45 minute drive became a little less than a 30 minute drive as we sped to town. (Living in the country really sucks when things like this happen.)

When we arrived at the doctor’s office, they had the gall to make us sit and wait. It was probably only 5 minutes or less, but it felt like forever. The nurse called us back and led us to the exam room. The doctor came in a few minutes later and listened as we explained what had happened. Then he checked me. Ouch! The doctor had looked pretty calm as we were talking about the bleeding, which had helped to calm my nerves, but as he was checking my cervix he got a surprised look on his face and he told the nurse I was 75% effaced and 1cm dilated. That basically means my cervix was getting ready to have a baby! And I was not quite 32 weeks pregnant! I fought back the tears (again) as we were told that we needed to go to the hospital to be monitored.

At the hospital we were sent to labor and delivery and I was hooked up to the machine that measures contractions. After a few minutes, it was clear that I wasn’t having regular contractions. In fact, I think I only had one in the entire time I was being monitored. What a relief!

The doctor came in to see me on his lunch break and told me that they were going to send me home. He wanted me on bed rest and to come back the next week for another check of my cervix. I asked him what he thought had caused the bleeding and he said that as my cervix started to dilate, the placenta was probably starting to detach a little and that caused the gush of blood and then the quick slowing of the bleeding. (We had determined that I had a low-lying placenta much earlier in the pregnancy, but had thought it had moved, we were wrong.)

HandyMan and I went home and began what would be the worst 2 weeks of my pregnancy.

I was reminded of this today as a friend of ours is getting ready to have a grand baby delivered today, 8 weeks early. This woman’s situation is very different than mine was, but last year on September first, I thought that, maybe, my baby was going to be born 8 weeks early as well. And I remembered how scary it was. Thankfully, I was able to grow Blue for 6 more weeks. I praise God for that!

What were you doing one year ago today?

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6 Responses to One Year Ago Today

  1. I tag-surfed and your post popped up. Last year on Sept 1 you were 31 weeks, 4 days. Today on Sept 1 this year I am also 31 weeks, 4 days along with my first baby. I found that to be interesting! So when did you actually have her, what day exactly?
    I really hope this doesn’t happen to me, I would be super scared!, but I know that things happen whether we want them to or not, we just have to stay strong through them.
    I am glad that everything was alright for you at the time and nothing went horribly wrong, and you have a beautiful baby today. ^_^

    A year ago today I was working on our cabin with my boyfriend. We were probably working on the ceiling, insulting at the time.

    • Michelle says:

      How fun that you are exactly as far along today as I was last year! This was SO scary for my husband and I, but things worked out and Blue was born on October 7th. He was 2 1/2 weeks early, but completely healthy! Hope the rest of your pregnancy is healthy and goes quickly!

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Cindy says:

    One year ago I was trying to decide if I needed to come home from vacation. Earlier in the day, my husband had gotten a phone call from our son (HandyMan) asking us to PRAY because of the bleeding his very pregnant wife was having. We were in a hotel in downtown Philadelphia getting ready to go see the Liberty Bell and Indepedence Hall and heading to Gettysburg later in the week. My husband is a calm man and he said, “We can’t do anything except pray.” So we prayed and then I kept my cell phone close at hand for the updates from the hospital.

    God answered because in early October, I spent the night on a very small couch waiting for the baby to be delivered.

  3. Kalli says:

    And precious baby blue was born on your mom’s birthday instead! Praise God!

    I cannot tell you what I was doing one year ago today, except that in general I was in school, BUT I can tell you what I was not doing. I was not married, or even engaged one year ago today. I did not have a house, and was not working on a house, and one year ago today I had no idea what all went into building a house (or in our case, remodeling). My how things have changed…except for the whole school thing!

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