The 5k that Wasn’t

At the beginning of the summer I announced that HandyMan and I were going to run/jog a 5k on August 7th. We started training and were doing really well for close to a month. I was feeling good and even starting to tolerate the work outs without complaining as much. Then a few things happened.

First it got REALLY hot!

Then our summer suddenly exploded with activities.

After that, I realized my in-laws were going to be on vacation that weekend and I had been planning to have them watch Blue that morning during the race. When I realized I would have to push him in his stroller, I immediately gave up the thought of running/jogging. It would have been a near miracle for me to be able to jog that far in the first place, but pushing a stroller as well. Not. Gonna. Happen. I was still planning on participating though.

And then we found out the race was cancelled. We don’t know why, but it didn’t happen at all. So we didn’t do our first 5k. I was kind of sad, kind of disappointed and a lot relieved. I just didn’t feel like I would be ready.

I would still like to complete one and hope to find a 5k to participate in next spring. Before the weather gets too hot and with a little more time to prepare.

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