Blue is a “Well Child”

On Wednesday, Grandma Cindy and I took Blue to his 9-month well child check-up with Dr. Crazy, his pediatrician.

I call him Dr. Crazy because he’s CRAZY. As he’s examining Blue he tells me that Blue needs to go to a Chicago White Sox game. I shook my head and said that Blue would rather go to a CUBS game. Dr. Crazy calmly asks me if I heard that the Cubs were moving to the Philippines. I (obliviously) say that I hadn’t heard about that. Dr. Crazy says that a Filipino family/company bought them and decided to move the team to the capital city and call the team the “Manila Folders”! I laughed, even though I had NO IDEA what he was talking about. When I was telling the story to HandyMan that evening, he starts laughing and says that he loves Dr. Crazy’s intellectual humor because if you didn’t know that Manila is the capital of the Philippines then the joke would go completely over your head. Evidently I’m not intellectual :)

Back to Blue’s appointment…

Blue was stripped down, then measured, weighed and his toe was pricked to check his hemoglobin. Blue handled it all like a champ and didn’t even cry when his to was pricked. Instead he watched (just like I do) and then took a swipe at the blood as it began to bubble out of his toe. Thankfully he missed. The results came in and his hemoglobin levels are normal and he weighs 19 lbs 4 oz and is 30 inches long with a head circumference of 44.8 cm. Which puts him in the 90th percentile for height the 10-25th percentile for weight and above the 95th percentile for his head size…basically he’s long and skinny with a big head, or as HandyMan says, “He’s an alien!”

As for the questions I wanted to ask. I got them answered :) Much to my displeasure, the doctor wants me to continue giving Blue MiraLax (he rolled his eyes when I told him I googled it). He said that it is safe and explained that when children get constipated it hurts, so they hold it and then it hurts more so they hold it more and then it becomes a vicious cycle. Whereas if I give him MiraLax he won’t learn to hold it so when he starts having softer poops he won’t hold it. He DID say that it would help to continue giving Blue high fiber foods, so I am going to continue to do that. Hope Blue likes unprocessed wheat bran!

Dr. Crazy also gave me some good advice about what to do when Blue bites while nursing. He told me that as soon as Jacob bites, to stop nursing for 5 minutes and then nurse him. If he bites again, wait another 5-10 minutes before trying to nurse again. Either he would learn not to bite or he would be weaned. Either option works for me! And I feel a lot better about that than the other advice I’d heard, which was to flick him in the face. I don’t really feel good about inflicting pain on Blue when he doesn’t even realize he’s hurting me.

Dr. Crazy also checked out Blue’s spine and confirmed that I am right to be watchful for signs of Scoliosis since I have it (and had to have surgery for it). He didn’t see anything to be worried about at this time, which makes me feel better! As for Blue’s flat head, he said that he’s not worried about it, that it will continue to “round out” and that he doesn’t think Blue needs a helmut. So good news all around!

Our next appointment isn’t until after Blue’s first birthday. I can’t believe it’s SO close and will definitely be here before I ready for it!

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2 Responses to Blue is a “Well Child”

  1. Grandma says:

    I don’t think I am ready for Blue to be 1 either. This year is going way to fast!

    • Michelle says:

      It is definitely going fast! But I wonder if part of the reason you don’t want Blue to be 1 is because that means you are also another year older?? Definitely can’t forget your birthday when you share it with Blue :)

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