9 Months and Counting

Trying SO HARD to pull to stand.

Last week Blue hit the 9 month mark. It sounds so crazy to tell people that he’s 9 months old…where has the time gone?!?!

I didn’t do a 9 month post because we haven’t had his 9 month well baby check up yet, we’re doing it today, so I’ll post again later today or tomorrow with his new stats. But I wanted to write about some concerns I’ve been having and some things I want to talk to the doctor about.

The first is constipation. Blue has been constipated since he was 6 months old. About the time he started eating a lot of baby food he started getting locked up. Several times a day, Blue would be lying on the floor grunting, straining and his face would turn bright red as he tried to poop. Then I would change his diaper and there would be one small rock hard turd. Poor baby! I called Dr. Crazy’s office and was told to give him some Milk of Magnesia and then MiraLax every day. 24 hours later Blue had the biggest! poop! ever! And then he continued to poop ALL DAY! Thankfully the pooping slowed down after that first day. I continued to give Blue the MiraLax every day that week and when I called the doctor to check in I was told to continue giving it to him daily. UGH! I do not like giving him medicine when it’s not necessary and would really like to find a way to get him to poop without it. I’ve cut out all foods that are none to be constipating. I’ve added foods that are high in fiber, even adding unprocessed wheat bran to his food in an effort to make things looser. It certainly works when my grandma feeds it to us! However, Blue must have stubborn bowels because I didn’t notice any difference. So I am DEFINITELY asking the doctor about it today!

The second thing I want to talk to him about is weaning. I’ve been trying to give Blue a bottle once a day or once every other day. I’ve also cut him back to nursing only 4X a day. Blue recently acquired a couple of razors (AKA bottom teeth) in his mouth and likes to use them. Frequently. This means that I want to be done or at least mostly done nursing. So I want to see if Dr. Crazy has some good weaning tips that I don’t know about :)

The other questions I have are not as serious. Blue’s back does something weird when he’s sitting (the bottom part of his spine sticks out) and I’m paranoid because I have scoliosis and I know it can be hereditary. I also want to ask about his flat head. The back of Blue’s head has been flat since he was 3-4 months old. We’ve always done a lot of tummy time during the day, but Blue likes to sleep on his back and he sleeps A LOT! Recently he’s started rolling over and sleeping on his tummy or side, but his head is still flat. Ugh! I swear he hasn’t been neglected! So I want to know what we can do, if anything, to help his head to round out.

Blue found his toy basket!

I’m sure we’ll talk about other things, including, but not limited to: bike riding and bike crashes, fast food, cooking, politics, health insurance, etc. Did I mention that Jacob’s doctor is a little crazy?!?! But we like him :)

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