Blue and his Daddy

When Blue was born and a nurse (or the doctor, I don’t remember) plopped Blue on my chest, that was when HandyMan fell in love with Blue. And HandyMan FELL HARD!  It was so fun to see. Since that day, HandyMan and Blue’s relationship has grown and intensified. Blue lights up when HandyMan gets home from work with a smile that is reserved only for his Daddy. Blue refuses to nurse (something he loves to do) when HandyMan is around, instead arching his back and craning his head around to look for his dad (I think HandyMan likes this). Blue is definitely a “Daddy’s Boy” and that is OK with me!

Happy (belated) First Father’s Day HandyMan!

Blue meet Daddy, Daddy meet Blue

One is happy and the other one sad

Hanging out after work

Like Father, Like Son

Imagine what they'll do when they put their heads together?!

Playing in the rain.

Daddy introduces Blue to trees.

Going for a walk.

*Note. I did not forget Father’s Day (HandyMan wouldn’t let me), I just didn’t have a chance to get this post done in time.

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2 Responses to Blue and his Daddy

  1. Kalli says:

    Nope. Sure didn’t forget…he got homemade apple pie with woven top and an egg-washed apple on top. Saw it with my own eyes! The pictures are precious!

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