In addition to Blue’s bout with “Rolling” Pneumonia, he has also been diagnosed with Hydronephosis. Haven’t heard of that before? Neither had I until Blue was born.

While I was pregnant, it was discovered that I had a “low-lying placenta” and as a result I had to have a couple of extra ultrasounds (oh darn!) to see where the placenta was located and to determine whether or not Blue could come out the…usual way. During an ultrasound I had at 30 weeks, it was also discovered that both of Blue’s kidneys were “dilated” or swollen. My OB/GYN assured us that it is usually not an issue and that most babies outgrow this before they are even born, but encouraged me to mention it to Blue’s pediatrician after he was born.

Amazingly, I remembered to do that and when Blue’s pediatrician, Dr. Crazy, was checking him out, on the day he was born, I brought it up. Dr. Crazy (Ever heard of Burger King’s plasticized fries…he calls them that because when you lose them in your car and find them 5 months later they still look the same) asked me to remind him of this at Blue’s 2 week well child appointment and that he would schedule an ultrasound then.

2 weeks later, Blue had his first ultrasound and was officially diagnosed with Hydronephrosis, or as Wikipedia defines it is “distension and dilation of the renal pelvis and calyces, usually caused by obstruction of the free flow of urine from the kidney, leading to progressive atrophy of the kidney”. That certainly sounds ominous and so did the fact that Dr. Crazy referred us to a Pediatric Urologist at the local children’s hospital. (I had visions of major surgery and long hospital stays.) Blue was also prescribed an antibiotic to take every day in order to prevent a kidney infection. At 2 weeks old, Blue was on his first antibiotic.

When Blue was 5 weeks old we went to the Children’s Hospital and Blue suffered (we had to hold him down and he SCREAMED the whole time) through a VCUG (Voiding Cysto-Urethrogram) which is a test to make sure that urine is flowing in the right direction and then we met with the doctor. The doctor said that everything was flowing the right way and suggested a follow up ultrasound in 3 months and he wanted us to continue the antibiotics until that appointment.

We got good news at the next appointment. Blue’s kidneys were still swollen, but not impressively so and we were able to discontinue the antibiotics, YEAH!!! Blue will have to have another ultrasound at the end of this year, but just to make sure he is continuing to outgrow this disease. Neither doctor is worried about him!

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