Rolling Pneumonia

Almost 2 months ago, Blue developed a cough. He would wake up, happy of course, and then have some dry coughs until he had nursed. Then he was fine. The rest of the day would go by without incident. I didn’t really think much of it since it was just in the morning and he had no other symptoms. I thought maybe the air was too dry in our house and we started running the humidifier at night. That didn’t help. Still, Blue’s cough didn’t get worse for a few weeks.

Blue’s 6 month well child check-up rolled around and by that time Blue had been coughing for about 3 weeks and I thought that, since we were going anyway, I would ask the doctor about it. Blue’s pediatrician listened to his lungs and asked me if HandyMan and I smoke (we don’t!) and about a family history of asthma. Blue’s lungs sounded fine and after giving Blue a clean bill of health and me the OK to start finger foods, we were sent on our way.

2 weeks went by and Blue’s cough had progressed to the point that he was coughing until he threw up. He did it 5 times in one day. Not cool! His appetite had also decreased, but he had never (to my knowledge) run a a fever and he was acting fine in between coughing fits. However, I did call the doctor because it is just NOT NORMAL to cough until you throw up! We went to the doctor and I fully expected him to tell me that I was overreacting, Blue just had a cold and send me on my way. Thankfully, he took me seriously (although he asked me again about smoking, evidently he sees that a lot!). Blue got a breathing treatment and a round of antibiotics.

Another 2 weeks go by. Blue finished his medicine and although he improved while taking it, as soon as we finished it the cough returned just as bad as before, maybe worse. I called the doctor, again, and we were sent for a chest X-Ray. I wondered how the techs would manage to get a chest X-Ray of a 7 month old, but assumed that he would lay down on a table and I would have to hold his arms and a tech would hold his legs. WRONG! Picture a table that a parent of multiples (i.e. Jon & Kate, Octomom) would sit their children in during meal time, only this table just had one hole and you can kind of get the picture. They then raised Blue’s arms above his head and strapped a clear plastic tube around him (there was an opening for his face so that he could breathe). Blue had a tortured expression on his face, but he didn’t cry. He really is a good, easy going baby! The techs snapped a couple of pictures of Blue’s lungs and we were sent on our way.

The next day we got a call from the nurse that Blue had Mycoplasma. I had no idea what that was and just listened as she told me that they were going to put Blue on another, different and stronger antibiotic and that he should be feeling better in a few days. As soon as I got off the phone with the nurse I googled Mycoplasma and evidently it is doctor talk for Walking Pneumonia, although since Blue can’t walk, we’ve been calling it Rolling Pneumonia. Because, evidently, you can “roll” around with it for a while and not know you have it!

Blue has finished his antibiotic (again). Only this time he is continuing to get better instead of worse. Hopefully we are nearing the end of coughing and snot production, at least for now.

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