Blue has a Bad Day

Yesterday morning started out just like any other. Blue woke up at 7:30 on the nose and I laid in bed listening to him talk to himself while I slowly woke up. I then carried him downstairs and sat him on the chair while I went to brush my teeth. I was in the bathroom when I heard a big thump. I immediately knew what had happen and ran into the living room to see my baby laying in a heap on the floor. As I ran to him he started to wail. I picked him up and hugged him close telling him repeatedly how sorry I was. I rubbed Blue’s back and kissed his head as he slowly began to cry less until, after a few minutes, he was just taking deep shuddering breaths. This was the first time he had fallen, ever! I can’t put into words how badly I felt, knowing it was my fault. And, ironically, it was just the day before that his daddy and I were talking about how Blue was getting too squirmy to sit him on the furniture unattended. Thankfully, Blue didn’t fall far and he didn’t land on anything hard (other than the floor…and my flip-flops) so he was fine, mostly just scared.

But the day wasn’t over yet! Blue’s second traumatic event of the day was planned a couple of months ago and I was not looking forward to it. Last week Blue was, officially, 6 months old, so it was time for his 6 month immunizations. That afternoon, we made our way to the Health Department and Blue received 3 shots. I’ve heard a lot of parents say that their child didn’t start crying until the third shot, but my child let out a blood-curdling scream as soon as the needle punctured his skin. I felt like I had betrayed him as I sat there holding his arms still. The nurse quickly gave Blue the last two shots and then I was able to comfort him. Blue stopped crying rather quickly, but seeing the big tears rolling down his face was heartbreaking! Thankfully, Blue doesn’t have to get any more shots until October, when he turns 1.

Tomorrow is another big day, his 6 month well-child check with the pediatrician. I always enjoy taking him to these visits. It’s so reassuring to hear the doctor tell me he’s healthy and developing normally (even though I already know he is)!

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